Portable Obstacle Course Fitness Equipment
Who We Help
We help fitness professionals and facilities provide more value and open new markets with functional fitness equipment. Demand for equipment that serves multiple groups and a wide variety of primal and global movement challenges is on the rise.

We love to help fitness instructors provide solutions that inspire improvement and development in balance, coordination, agility, speed, endurance, power, flexibility, and posture. 

Traditional exercise programming and equipment has emphasized muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Railyard reaches beyond the traditional and into functional, secondary fitness.

Railyard fitness equipment is designed to help users develop secondary "fitness" results using five principles: 1) integration versus isolation of muscle work, 2) control and balance of body weight, 3) use of body weight and gravity as loading factors of resistance, 4) continual, self-paced movement, and 5) use of multiple physical planes of movement.

If you are a professional fitness instructor searching for exercise solutions ages 5 and up such as youth, adult, or sports conditioning, let us know how we can help you.

Request a phone call or inquire at no risk.
What We Do
Youth Obstacles
Eliminate "Boring" Exercise
& Make Exercise "Active Play" Again
Adult Obstacles
Use Your Body Weight & Positions To
Achieve Muscle Balance & Functional Fitness
Sports Conditioning
Involve Your Muscles In Uncommon Gravity,
Directions, & Positions For Full Functional Fitness
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How Can We Help You Deliver Functional Fitness?
We've Helped Thousands Of Fitness Professionals Achieve The Very Same Success You Are Trying To Achieve
The Inspiration Behind Railyard Fitness
The Railyard is patterned after hundreds of outdoor courses worldwide used to condition professional and elite athletes for over 50 years. 

 The fact is, this type of training has been used in elite sports programs for over 100 years - first used in Europe training Olympic competitors. 

Today, functional bodyweight programs are growing in popularity because they develop the whole body as a single unit allowing users to perform sports and everyday activities with increases in: balance, agility, coordination, power, speed, strength, and endurance...what’s commonly referred to as “global movement skills."

Railyard Fitness introduced the first portable obstacle course in September of 2007. 

The course has received rave reviews from physical education, athletic conditioning, personal training, and institutional fitness experts worldwide. 

With over 1000 Courses worldwide, the Railyard Portable Obstacle Course is setting the standard for functional movement development and global movement skill improvement.
What Makes Railyard Fitness Unique
The Railyard is versatile. Set up your course in dozens of layouts, at different heights, different inclines and declines, keeping it interesting and fun for you, your students, and clients of all ages and abilities.

By moving the user to an elevated, rounded, and/or inclined surface, the fear of falling automatically engages the whole brain. Engaging the whole brain with your neuromuscular system accelerates and improves the development of all global movement patterns.    

The Railyard is lightweight and can be set up and taken down quickly and stored in very little space or transports easily to share with other facilities. 

The Railyard is modular; add components at any time to meet your needs .

The Railyard is durable; you'll find Railyard’s in commercial installations worldwide. We offer a 1 year parts and labor warranty.

The Railyard will accommodate all populations and congregations; kids, athletes, seniors. The Rails will hold up to 600 pounds.

The Railyard is cost effective; you will get more from your Railyard than you will from any other exercise equipment on the market. A $3000.00 treadmill can be used by 1 person while a $3000.00 Railyard can be used by 10 people simultaneously.

Exercise on the Railyard is the original fitness. Jumping, climbing, ducking, and crawling. No special certification is needed to lead an effective, safe, and fun workout.

Your Railyard will increase revenue. The fun and functional factor will increase sales, and the results will keep members and users engaged.

The Railyard affords you the ability to recreate those endless days of play some of us were blessed to enjoy, providing an effective experience to those who may not be as fortunate. 

The Railyard instills a primal love for movement though accomplishment as every exercise has a beginning, middle, and end that equals success... which develops self esteem and a love for exercise.
Meet Our  Team
Lee Spieker, Founder & President of Railyard Fitness Inc.
Mr. Spieker has spent 45 years in the fitness industry "wearing all the hats.” His experience in the fitness industry spans retail, distribution, marketing, education, consulting, and product design. Mr. Spieker’s former contributions to the exercise market include:

Original 13 “Buns of Steel” workout videos
Stackable Aerobic Step
TherapyZone Physical Therapy Products
Serius Strong Products Featuring 3-position Handle
Railyard Sled Anchor
Eric Jackson, Founder & President of Jackson Kayak
Eric "EJ" Jackson is a four (4) time world champion freestyle kayaker, kayak designer, slalom kayaker, founder of Jackson Kayak, and a Professional Bass Tournament angler on the FLW Tour.

Mr. Jackson's brand and company are an international leader in kayak production and innovation. Jackson Kayak manufactures, assembles, and ships the Railyard from its 100,000 square foot factory in Sparta Tennessee. 

Utilizing their expertise in molding competitive boats, Mr. Jackson's team and facilities produce the high-quality courses and parts you'd expect from Railyard Fitness.

Mr. Jackson is a creeker, river runner, fisherman, playboater, instructor, author, video producer, designer, and company owner. And he loves to play a lot!
Kris Enslen
Co-Founder, Director Of Performance Training
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